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These were the 2016 MINI-WORKSHOPS
(this page will be updated once schedule is finalized)
During the Mother Lode Show
at the Shakespeare Club in Placerville
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We’ve got an exciting range of workshops and a lecture lined up to accompany this year’s landmark 50th annual Mother Lode Show. All of the teachers are both accomplished artists and excellent teachers. We hope that each of you will find something to interest you. These workshops are a great opportunity to either work in new areas or with new media, or to further develop skills you already have, and at bargain prices in a local venue. Hope to see you at one or more of these art-filled events!

Friday, August 12, 11am to 2pm Sheri Hoeger, “Luminous Flowers in Acrylic,” hands-on workshop $40 fee which includes canvas and use of paints Join Sheri Hoeger for tips and techniques for painting luminous flowers with acrylics. Sheri uses mediums added to acrylics for applying the paint in translucent layers, allowing some movement of the pigment, or “open time” and shares her experience with color and working with a limited palette.

Saturday, August 13, 3pm to 6pm Tesia Blackburn, “Survey of Golden Mixed Media and Water Media,” lecture/demonstration format no charge, but requires pre-registration Tesia Blackburn has been a Certified Working Artist with Golden Paints for the past 16 years and a professional artist for 30 years. In this 3 hour lecture, she will survey Golden’s products in the Mixed Media and Water Media areas and the latest tips and techniques for using them. She will cover the unique properties of Fluids, Heavy Body, OPEN, and High Flow acrylics as well as interference and iridescent paints. She will also provide an overview of the many Gels and Mediums and how they can change texture, intensity, and saturation of color, be used for sculptural effects, and more.

Sunday, August 14, 10am to 5pm Tesia Blackburn, “Mixed Media and Water Media Lollapalooza,” hands-on workshop $120 fee which includes the use of all paints, mediums, and gels For more information and to register, please visit http://www.placerville2016.eventbrite.com.

Thursday, August 18, 11am to 2pm Diana Coco-Russell, “Figure Drawing Made Easy,” hands-on workshop $35 fee The human figure can be a subject in itself or can add interest to other formats, such as landscape. In this 3 hour workshop, Diana goes over the basics of figure drawing and construction, taking the mystery out of anatomy and how to indicate clothing with a few simple tricks. Live clothed models will help us improve gesture and discover how to create a strong silhouette that is visually engaging. Bring a variety of pencils (HB-6B), kneaded erasers, pencil sharpener (x-acto kknife will do) paper (11 x 17 to 17 x 24 newsprint or loose sheets, 20 sheets minimum) Optional supplies: 4B-8B charcoal pencils, compressed charcoal, conté, markers and nupastel.

Friday, August 19, 11am to 2pm Diana Coco-Russell, “Skyscapes as Landscapes,” hands-on workshop $35 fee Ever finish a landscape painting and wonder why you don’t like the sky? Why not make the landscape more about the sky than the land? This three hour workshop will cover the basics of painting skies, using limited pallets, creating the look of weather and simple ways to bring clouds to life. We will be working in a small format, nothing larger than 10” X 14”. Let’s lower that horizon line and made this landscape all about the sky. Bring basic watercolor supplies: 140 lb watercolor block in rough or cold press (4”x10” to 10”X14”), or 300lb loose sheets, watercolor masking tape, HB-2B pencils, water cup, paper towels, paint colors: ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, raw sienna, burnt sienna, aurelion yellow, rose madder genuine or red rose deep and cadmium red light. Brushes: 1” flat, ½” flat, No. 6-8 round and whatever else strikes your fancy.

Saturday, August 20, 9am to 3pm Gloria Woolley, “Exploring Abstract Painting,” hands-on workshop $75 fee, includes some supplies Join Gloria to explore the freeing of painting in an abstract style. Gloria will lead you to focus on color, form, and composition, beginning with small steps and then building from there. Begin with the acrylics and paper that Gloria supplies, but then move on to media and surfaces of your choice.